10 small details for your big day

In this article I want to share with you a few little details for your big day. Most of the times some couples tend to forget about these small parts while they are in the process of their wedding preparation. But these are the important details to be aware of.    

1. Make sure that on your wedding day, before the arrival of your photographer your room or another facility (where the pictures will be taken) is organized and clean. This way you wouldn’t have to worry about that big box or an old teddy bear in the background of your family wedding photo. Less stress for you, less photoshopping time for your photographer. 

2. Make sure you know how to fix and adjust your boutonniere, it can get very stressful for you or your friend during the morning preparation, if you don’t know how to properly wear that beautiful flower on your jacket. You can watch a YouTube tutorial on a “Proper Boutonniere Placement” or ask someone in your family to show you how. Last thing you want is to drop it or lose it during your ceremony. 

3. Always make sure that your wedding rings are in one place for the morning preparation photos. It is understandable that sometimes the bride and the groom can keep their rings separately before their wedding, but it is always better to have both rings together in the same photo. 

4. Brides, don’t forget to have your bridal bouquet in the morning before your photographer arrives to take your morning preparation pictures. Sometimes the florist can deliver the flowers just before the ceremony, but it is always better to have your bouquet with you from the moment when you put on your beautiful wedding gown. 

5. Always try to have a Plan B when planning your couple pictures session. Sometimes the weather can be very unpredictable and you have to be prepared for that. 

6. When taking a group picture with your dear guests, try to notify everyone in advance, so they can be more organized and make sure that no one will miss that memorable group picture. Perhaps one of the family members can be responsible for organizing everyone after the ceremony. 

7. Sometimes not everything goes as planned according to the wedding day schedule, try to plan your day with some extra time in case if something is being shifted during your wedding day. Be prepared for things like that, and try not to stress yourself during the most important day of your life. 

8. Some couples feel uncomfortable taking pictures during their wedding day, some just don’t like to pose for the camera. It is always a good idea to practice your “modelling skills” as a bride and a groom before your wedding day. This is why I always suggest a scheduled engagement photo session with the same wedding photographer, so the couple would feel more comfortable and they will get to know their photographer’s skills. 

9. Now, I am sure that before their big and important day, many brides would probably try their wedding gown for more than once during their fittings and adjustment appointments. However, it is also important to know how to put on your wedding gown. It is at least a two person job, so make sure you know how to get around in your gown. 

10. And last, but not least, do not forget your speeches. It is important to keep your speeches written on a piece of paper instead of keeping them in your iPhone or elsewhere. It is better and more romantic to do it an old fashion way, instead of reading your speech from a phone. Also, you don’t want to lose your speech because of a battery discharge or someone calling and interrupting your romantic declaration of love. 

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